What We Provide

We are a leading provider of industrial and commercial asset realisation services working with The accountancy and legal profession, Banks, Finance companies, Stakeholders in businesses of all sizes, and individual owners. Here are some of the ways we can help you maximize value from surplus assets:

  • We auction from anywhere in the UK
    Finance Settlement on your behalf
    Industry Leading Online Auction Platform
    Payment within Days of Auction with clear client accounting
    Leading database of buyers worldwide resulting from 30 years of sales
    Asset recovery & Collection
    Purpose Built Auction Centre and UK wide Drop Zones
    Monthly collective themed online auctions
    We can sell your single machine or entire factory
    Expert Valuation of Business Assets
    Turnkey Sale Set up, Sale Publicity and Supervision of collection
    We sell for any business regardless of size form large enterprises to sole traders

Some recent sales

We have worked on some of the largest auction projects in the UK and overseas. We have a vast experience in the valuation and sale of all types of Industrial Plant and Machinery including stock. Here are just some examples of projects we have carried out:

Emergency Response Site Equipment
0ver £1m
215 bidders
Dec 2021

Client: Energy Generation Company

Highlights: SK conducted an auction of Surplus Plant and Equipment in Dec 2021, from Hillingtion for client. Assets were collected by us and taken to our auction centre in Hillington Glasgow. The assets were sold achieving a great result for the client which was well ahead of expectations.

Site Accommodation Units
£ 6 Fig

Client: Private Company

Highlights: An entry by a private client successfully disposed of his plant and machinery after deciding to close one part of his operations. Our auction centre with our Linde 12 ton fork lift gave the client an easy option to unload 13 20 foot pods and store safely until the auction sale along with JCB and Manitou machines etc.

Training Centre's Assets
Oct 2021
900 Lots
4 weeks

Client: Liquidator

Highlights: SK were instructed to value then sell the assets by online auction of one of the largest industrial training centres in Scotland by liquidators W Duncan & Co. The entire project was completed within 4 weeks including the despatch of machinery to buyers from site.

Hughes Engineering
Jan 2022
6 weeks

Client: Liquidator

Highlights: Sale by Online Auction of Precision Engineering Eqp and tools

Livingston 2021/2022
100 Lots
2 months

Client: Steel Merchant

Highlights: Sale of Overhead Travelling Cranes, Combi Lift, Steel Cutting & Processing Eqp by Online Auction

Hydraulic Engineering Co
500 lots

Client: Liquidator

Highlights: Specialist Hydraulic Engineering & Test Co Assets valued and sold by Online Auction including stock. SKs database of past buyers helped achieve strong prices surpassing all expectations.

Gym - Milton Keynes
Sept 2021
60 Lots
3 weeks

Client: Finance Co

Highlights: All assets catalogued and sold from site using SKs bespoke catalogue app and online auction. The client required a quick turnaround in clearing the premises due to landlord pressure. The task was completed within 3 weeks from instruction whilst achieving great prices for the equipment

Construction & Marine Plant & Equipment - Rosyth
4000 Lots
5 Auctions

Client: Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (JV)

Highlights: SK were selected by the JV to dispose of all the plant and equipment used in the construction of the Queensferry Crossing, Scotland’s largest Infrastructure project to date. Our catalogue team worked on sites within Rosyth Dock preparing assets for sale and auctions were staggered across a year allowing the client to continue with select assets they required to complete the new bridge.

Vehicle Maintenance Facility - Colchester
500 + Lots

Client: Babcock International Group

Highlights: SK catalogued and sold by Online Auction the entire HGV vehicle Maintenance Depot in Colchester for the client. From date of Engagement, the assets were sold and site was cleared within 4 weeks, and the process achieved an exceptional outcome.

Mobile Refrigeration
Multi Site
Online Auction

Client: Liquidator

Highlights: A large fleet of mobile fridge trailerswere recovered from many different sites around the UK. All assets were recovered and ultimately sold via online auction from SK's Auction Centre in Glasgow. Many finance co's were settled on behalf of the liquidator.


Client: Liquidator

Highlights: We were instructed to pack and move all assets from the trading premises and move back to our auction centre for presentation, catalogue and sale by Online Auction.

Kitchen Manufacturer
Sept 2020
285 Lots

Client: Liquidator

Highlights: Sale of All assets from a Kitchen Manufacturer.

Textile Printer
Bognor Regis
4 Lots
Aug 2020

Client: Finance Co

Highlights: SK were asked to arrange a sale on site by online auction and oversee the collection of assets sold ensuring all components were recovered for our clients machinery in a multi agent case.

Timber Processing
10 Lots
April 2020

Client: 3 x Finance Co's

Highlights: Sale of Modern Timber Processing Equipment, from site, in Falkirk and thereafter ensuring the safe removal of equipment onto buyers transport

Piling Eqp
On site
Online Auction
5 weeks

Client: Directors

Highlights: Sale of Specialist Piling & Foundation Contractors modern fleet of Plant & Equipment from site, via online auction.

Construction Plant and Equipment - Cheshire
500 Lots

Client: Private Client

Highlights: SK were appointed to dispose of surplus assets for the client, selling from 3 locations throughout the North West of England.

Monthly Collective Sales - Hillington
5000 Lots
Every Month

Client: Various

Highlights: We run monthly sales for Plant & Equipment, Tools, Trade Stocks, Cars, Vans, HGV's, Bus & Coaches, Agricultural Eqp, Trailers, Site Units, Containers, Motor Hoomes.. The list is endless. We can collect for you as a seller or you can drop the item in to us.

Road Transport
25 lots

Client: SK Purchase

Highlights: Trailers were purhcased by Sweeney Kincaid from a UK bank. We then worked with staff on site at Grangemouth to identify the correct units from the overall fleet then transported them through to our auction centre at Hillington for Sale.

Crushing & Screening
North Wales

Client: Finance Co

Highlights: SK were instructed to uplift & sell heavy equipment direct from a quarry in North Wales. Heavy Low Loader units were used to recover 6 high value crushers back to SK Auction Centre in Hillington where they were assessed and sold by online auction for our client. SK has had a great deal of experience in the quarry sector over the last 30 years having recovered plant from Devon to the north coast of Scotland.

Glass & Glazing
Elgin & Newcastle

Client: Receiver & Finance Co's

Highlights: Some of the largest Glass firms around the world bid against each other for the high value assets of AC Yule's manufacturing assets in multiple sites across the UK. Prices were very strong, helping our clients maximise recovery for creditors.

Kitchen Manufacturer - Fife
2000 Lots
3 x Auctions

Client: Administrator

Highlights: An extensive range of exceptional quality wood working machinery was sold by online Auction by SK Jan 2018 from well known Fife Manufacturer Murray and Murray.

Sandwich Production
Online Auction

Client: Landlord

Highlights: Disposal of entire commercial sandwich production lines formerly supplying large supermarket chains

Fabrication - Grangemouth
500 + lots

Client: Liquidator

Highlights: Fabrication Machinery sold by Sweeney Kincaid early 2018 for liquidators of Al Gordon Engineering, Grangemouth.

Precision Engineering & Fabrication - Scottish Borders
700 lots

Client: Border Precision Engineering Limited

Highlights: Major Sale by Online Auction on behalf of a number of asset based lenders & administrator. 4 month project including asset valuation which lead to an instruction to sell by auction. SK also arranged a licence to occupy site via Landlords and vacated on time after a very successful auction.

Kitchen & Bathroom Showroom - Aberdeen
200 Lots
Online Auction

Client: Planet (Private Client)

Highlights: This is one of many auction sales held for retailers of quality Kitchens and Bathrooms throughout the UK. Sweeney Kincaid are asked regularly to sell showroom stock for clients who are looking to update their stock, and our online auction process gives the client a quick and efficient way of achieving clearance and delivering great prices at the same time thus making a significant contribution to the investment of new stock.

Land Survey Equipment - Heathrow, Gatwick and Dunfermline
500 lots
3 x Online Auctions
£400k +

Client: Administrators of Mason Land Surveys

Highlights: SK recovered all assets from 3 locations within 24 hours. Resulted in auction raising c. £400k with over 400 bidders. The result was exceptional with prices being close to retail. SK can sell single units to complete schedules for both Finance co's, dealers and End Users.

Anytime Fitness - Glasgow
250 Lots
Online Auction
Glasgow City Centre

Client: Finance Co and Liquidator

Highlights: SK were asked to value then sell this exception range of top quality Cardio and Strength Eqp, all of which was under 1 year old. Assets were sold by online auction and Sweeney Kincaid's on site team oversaw the safe despatch of some very heavy kit. SK sells individual pieces to complete gyms either on location or via the collective sales monthly.

Maritme Museum; Cardiff, Lowestoft, Cornwall and Eyemouth
500 lots
Online Auctions
7 Sites around UK

Client: Liquidator

Highlights: SKL were appointed as agents to the complex task of cataloguing over 500 exhibits from a well known Maritme Museum. Our task included re-patriating sails and Masts to hulls from 4 corners of the UK, dealing with landlords, 7 sites, a claims list from the Royal Family to individuals who's family had gifted or lent boats from all over the world. The boats were sold to a variety of bidders including Museums from China, UK, Russia and the Middle East.

Stoddards Carpets - Kilmarnock
2000 lots

Client: Receivers and Secured Lenders

Highlights: SK were instructed to re-market and sell the assets of Europes biggest Carpet Manufacturer. Our team spent just over 1 year on site, overseeing asset despatches to over 40 Countries from Egypt to Argentina.The sale was an exceptional success getting many of the funders out entirely from their exposures. SKL directly and individually targeted all Carpet Manufacturers globally with a turnover greater than £1m to give our client the best chance of success.

Coaches Disposal - Glasgow
15 Lots
Online Auction

Client: Private Client

Highlights: Sale due to Retirement... SK appointed on sale of exceptional range of Setra Coaches. SK can target all 2200 bus & coach operators at the touch of a button. With many £Millions of sales under our belt, we can get you the best price for your fleet sale or individual coach. Sales conducted or private firms and finance companies, and we can store up to 100 Coaches at one time in our auction centre.

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